Launch Updates

Hi Everyone,

There have been a few changes to our plans recently and I wanted to let everyone know about them.  For starters, instead of moving into the space we had lined up this Spring, we've decided to move into a brand new space that is much larger, 3500 sq.ft. vs 2300, and more affordable as well.  The space is currently working it's way through the construction process and will be complete at the end of this summer.  It will be right next to the Alpha Graphics building that we were looking at previously.  We are hoping to launch at the end of August or the beginning of September once the building is finished.

In the last space we were looking at we were going to have two large rooms on the upper floor.  In the new space, we will have a whole section of the building, main floor and upper floor, which gives us a lot more flexibility.

One other recent update is that we discovered that Century Link has been laying fiber lines all throughout Cache Valley and that we will be able to get fiber at the new building!  We are super stoked about that (even though we don't love Century Link) and know it will be a huge benefit to everyone who comes to work in the space.  If any of you out there haven't had the opportunity to surf the web using a fiber connection, its better than the chronicles of gnarnia.

We are working hard at developing partnerships in the community that will benefit our members and lining up additional amenities to make the space an even more awesome place to work that it was already going to be.

We look forward to seeing you later this summer at the awesome launch party we are planning and can't wait to work with everyone.